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Vlone X Kodak Black

Recently the popular Men’s clothing brand Vlone Collaborates with the world’s Famous Rapper Named Kodak Black. This collaboration focuses on different dimensions of men’s clothing and launched a whole men’s collection that is stylish, comfortable and meets all the latest fashion trends. The best thing about the Vlone X Kodak Black collaboration is, they are making clothes that fit everyday fashion. 

This collection has a huge variety of clothes from hoodies to sweatshirts, sweatpants, and T-shirts, you can find every men’s clothing item in one place. The basic purpose of this collaboration is to bring vlone and Kodak Black fans to one place. 

How is the Vlone X Kodak Black Collection unique? 

There are different types of T-shirts, hoodies, and jackets available in the market and at online stores. But the Vlone x kb collection is unique because of: 

  • Simple Graphic designs over the T-shirts. 
  • Basic colors like white and black. 
  • High quality. 
  • Soft and durable fabric. 
  • Variety of sizes. 
  • Best for every season. 
  • Easy on pocket prices.
  • Easily washable. 

What are the famous Articles of Vlone X Kodak Black Collection? 

The Vlone X Kodak Black collection has a huge variety. All the items have good quality and stuff. But some of the articles that got a lot of popularity are: 

Vlone X Kodak Black Zombie Hoodie: 

These Zombie hoodies are the perfect and the most popular items of the Vlone X Kodak collection. These hoodies are currently available in two basic colors i.e White Zombie Hoodie and Black Zombie Hoodie. As we all know Hoodies are the most comfortable clothing items. You can rock these hoodies in winter on different occasions. A hoodie can be easily worn as loungewear and at casual parties. 

So all the Zombie fans, if you are looking for super stylish, comfortable, and easy on pockets hoodies, then there is no better option than buying Vlone X Kodak Black Hoodies. These hoodies are Comfortable and soft, The quality is 10/10, Durable, Reliable. 

Vlone x Kodak Black 47 logo Hoodie: 

This is another unique design for all Kodak black fans. This Hoodie is currently available in white and black color with a red and blue logo. The red color represents Kodak and the blue color is a symbol of Vlone itself. This hoodie is extremely comfortable and it’s a perfect choice for the winter and autumn seasons. 47 logo hoodies are purely made of wool. That’s the reason they keep their bodies warm and cozy in extremely cold weather. 

Vlone x Kodak 47 logo hoodie is available for $299.99. It is worth every penny spent on it. 

Kodak Black x Vlone Vlone kb black T-shirt: 

The Vlone Kb Black T-shirt is another hit item of this collection. These T-shirts are available in white and black color and they are highly smooth and soft. This is a perfect T-shirt for both teenagers and adults. If you are a Kodak black fan then feel free to rock this T-shirt at any age. Vlone Kb Black T-shirt has an export quality, it’s a durable shirt that comes only for $180. 

What is the best place to buy the Original Vlone X Kodak Black Collection? 

Many different websites are selling the original Vlone X Kodak Black Collection. But the most authentic website with extremely reasonable prices is VloneClothing.net. We assure you that the quality, stuff, and prices of all the clothing items are authentic and you won’t regret spending your money on your favorite clothing items.