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Vlone X Fragment

Vlone is a company that was launched back in the year 2016. The company was working on a quote “ Live alone, Die alone”. In just 5 years this company got millions of customers from different corners of the world and several online stores that are selling vlone clothing items proudly. 

Vlone is among some of the most famous Men’s clothing brands and different rappers and brands love to collaborate with Vlone. Recently, Vlone successfully collaborated with many big names including Juice Wrld, Playboi carti, Pop smoke, Young boy, and NAV. and now it has been announced that the Vlone X Fragment collection is also available in online stores. 

What is a fragment? 

Fragment Design is a multidisciplinary imprint that was launched by Japanese renowned fashion designer Hiroshi Fujiwara. Fragment design is famous for Men’s clothing and accessories like shoes, necklaces, chains, and wristwatches. The fragment has a huge fan following and millions of customers across the world. It is safe to say that Fragment is one of the most popular Men’s brands. 

The fragment is famous for collaborating with different big brands including Nike, Levi’s, Jordan brand, and Neighbourhood. Currently, Fragment design is collaborating with Vlone and fans are very excited about this collaboration. 

Why is Vlone The best brand to collaborate with? 

Many big companies and rappers collaborate with Vlone fearlessly. The reason is, it’s one of the most authentic clothing companies. Vlone is trusted by people and brands because of: 

  • The fabric of the clothes is soft, smooth, and skin-friendly. It wouldn’t cause any harm to the skin. 
  • The quality of the products is unquestionable. 
  • You will get good quality products at very reasonable prices. 
  • Best customer services. 
  • Good response to customer feedback. 
  • Variety of sizes available. 
  • A huge number of customers are from different parts of the world. 

What’s so unique about the Vlone X Fragment collection? 

The Vlone X Fragment collection is all about street style and casual clothing trends. The owner of Fragment, Japanese designer Hiroshi Fujiwara stated in a recent interview that “Future Generations will Dictate the future fashion trends. Hiroshi Fujiwara is a kind of street style clothing that’s why the Vlone X Fragment collection consists of hoodies, casual T-shirts, sweatshirts, Sweat pants, trousers, and some men’s accessories including Men necklaces and bands. This collection is unique because it’s a fusion of the two most prominent Men’s brands. 

What Type of Stuff is used in the Vlone X Fragment collection?

The stuff in the Vlone Fragment collection is soft and smooth. It’s a mixture of cotton ( 80 %) and Polyester ( 20%). The company makes sure that fabric is skin-friendly for people of all skin types. Vlone X fragment clothing items are super stylish, comfortable, and lightweight. That’s why you can wear them anywhere, anytime.  

What does the Vlone X Fragment collection include? 

Vlone Fragment T shirts: 

Vlone Fragment t-shirts are super comfortable casual t-shirts that are perfect for every casual meeting. The lightweight T-shirts look simple yet they give an elegant appeal. This collection mostly has white and black T-shirts, that you can pair with other clothing items to create your everyday look. The best thing is These T-shirts are available within the price range of $100-$200. 

Vlone x Fragment Hoodies: 

Vlone fragment hoodies are perfect hoodies to wear in winter. The soft and comfortable hoodies are available in black color with the V logo printed on the front. You can find a great hoodie for $100- $250. 

Vlone X Fragment Friends Oversized pants: 

Vlone X Fragment Friend oversized pants are perfect loungewear. These pants are soft and lightweight and give you amazing cozy feelings.